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              Contact Us

              Address:Jiangsu province Dongtai city Qindong town of stainless steel industrial park

              Dongtai Haitong stainless steel product Co., Ltd.

                Dongtai Haitong stainless steel products Co., Ltd., located in the picturesque Jiangsu land of plenty - Dongtai Qin Dong Town, East salt Jing highway near the west national AAAA level Wetland Park Qin Lake scenic area, Ningjing salt highways Qintong exports at. Taizhou Railway Station, traffic, travel is very convenient.
                The company's main products: small diameter stainless steel coil, nylon pipe clamp, U type clip, clip connector, marine accessories. The existing plant covers an area of 8000 square meters, including the main standard factory building 3, office building 3.

              NEWS CENTER

              You can learn more about us through the following news. The clients we have signed on to, regardless of their projects are large or small, we will provide 100% services.

              Quality control heat s
              Quality control heat-shrinkable sleeve and shrinking band of mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1, the first is to the quality of raw materials, strict requirements, in accordance with national
              Common stainless steel
              In practical application process stainless steel wire, it may be because of work load or did not receive timely care and maintenance, it is likely damaged. So, in the end what kind of damage it is a mod
              Analysis of the prospe
              10 years ago, China-made ships less than 10% of the world. Today, according to the load calculation, the size of China's shipbuilding industry has been ranked first in the world. The rapid development
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              Add:Jiangsu province Dongtai city Qindong town of stainless steel industrial park Email:ss@mtstainlesssteel.com Zip code:224200
              Tel:86-573-82602311 Fax:86-573-82718785 Sue ICP for 15058754-1